Dial An Exchange Timeshare, Vacation Ownership & Points Clubs Exchange Service

Are you a Points or Credits Owner?

Want to use your points or credits to get an exchange week? It’s simple with DAE!


Exchange your points or credits for the holiday you really want…

  1. Call DAE to advise us that you would like to deposit your points into your DAE account to allow you to exchange. We encourage you to deposit a unit size equivalent to the unit size you think you will require for a future exchange. The minimum requirement to deposit into DAE's exchange pool is a 7 night stay. As an exchange company we operate on the basis of one week in - one week out, whatever the time of year.
  2. When you deposit a week you will be issued with a credit which is valid for a period of 3 years. You are able to utilise this credit to make a booking within 3 years but can travel outside of the 3 year window to confirm a 7 night stay in an exchange resort either domestically or internationally in any size unit at any time of the year, subject to availability.

Using Your Points to book an Exchange with DAE without depositing a week prior to the transaction.

We like to make things easy for you at DAE so if you find a week you want and you have not yet banked your points, you can still book your vacation immediately so you don't miss out.

  1. Select the exchange week you would like.
  2. Complete the transaction and your booking is confirmed.
  3. You will then be required to bank a week into your DAE account to back the exchange you have just completed.
  4. Contact DAE to advise us that you would like to deposit your points into your DAE account, the number of points/credits required will be based on the size of the unit you have confirmed into.

Unit Sizes - If you exchange into:

  • Studio unit - we require a deposit of a studio unit (7 nights) in exchange
  • 1 bedroom unit - we require a deposit of a 1 bedroom unit (7 nights) in exchange
  • 2 Bedroom unit - we require a deposit of a 2 bedroom unit (7 nights) in exchange

We have been advised by some members of points clubs, that their home club has tried to strongly discourage them from using their points in this way, or indicated that they are not permitted to do so. This is absolutely not the case! It is entirely your decision as to how you wish to utilise your points to gain maximum benefit from your ownership. If you are meeting with resistance from your points club, please get in touch with us by phone and we will assist you.