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Dial An Exchange South Africa Resort and Sales Registration Program

May 2013

Dial An Exchange (DAE) South Africa is proud to announce that the Resort Registrations Program launched towards the end of 2012 has resulted insteadygrowth in DAE Memberships.

The Program was developed as an educational tool which Resorts can use to present new and existing timeshare owners with alternatives to utilise their ownership more effectively through the exchange system, and to make them awarethat there is real choice for  a lower cost alternative.

Towards the end of 2012 DAE South Africa launched the first of its kind Resort Registration Program. The registration program was rolled out at a number of resorts, situated in areas like Gauteng,Mpumalanga, Garden Route, Western Capeand KZN South Coast. Some Resorts commenced in December while the majority launched in January 2013.

In addition to the Resort Registration Program, DAE South Africa also launched its Sales Registration Program during March 2013. DAE South Africa has partnered with a number of sales offices to create more brand awareness and to educate new and potential owners about the benefits of timeshare; as well as the related value added products, such as the exchange network offered byDAE.

All participating resorts and sales offices are equipped with marketing materials designed to excite and educate potentialnew owners visiting the respective resorts and sales offices.

Close to 900 new members have been registered from various resorts, and over 350 from the participating sales offices. The resorts and sales offices reported that there was no hesitation from the owners to joining DAE. In fact many were thankful of being introduced to DAE as a viable exchange alternative.

Dial An Exchange is now also working hand in hand with their first Managing Agent on a very similar project. Once again educating owners and offering alternatives to their regular exchange affiliations.

Owners are often aware that there are other options, but most are not aware of the considerable differences between each exchange providers,, especially when it comes to compulsory fees, higher transaction costs and lack of transparency about what their entitlement will actually be worth within some exchange networks.

Owners are presented with information about DAE upon visiting their offices, and consultants are able to  assist with the registration process, making it even easier and more convenient for people to enter the exchange environment.

Members love the uncomplicated rules and simple trading power of DAE; the fact that fixed week, points or credit owners can all join DAE; and that there are no charges until their holiday is confirmed. More and more timeshare owners are becoming vocal with their developers and management companies about including DAE as a very real alternative in theexchange provider mix.

“We value the enthusiasm with which the Registration Program was received by all involved and look forward to more and more success as momentum grows” said Paul Edkins.

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