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DAE Changes Exchange in Latin America

April 2016


The world’s leading privately owned vacation exchange provider, DAE, is opening up new doors for resort developers and vacation owners in Latin America with a fresh approach to the region. 

DAE’s recently appointed Latin America Business Development Manager, Adrian Hammond (pictured), is making waves in the industry, focusing on solutions for the LATAM market that are driving results for both members and resorts. 

“Our comprehensive product suite combined with a new physical presence is reminding Resort Developers in the LATAM region that they have a choice when it comes to member experience and customer service,” said Mr. Hammond. “DAE has a different approach - our core focus is customer service and understanding the needs of the local market.” 

For Latin American members, DAE offers sales materials in Spanish, a toll free number for Mexico, bilingual agents and more travel options that meet their demands. “This focus on personalized service is what DAE is renowned for, and the reason more owners are satisfied with their vacation ownership as a member of DAE.”  

Developers in active sales are quickly realizing the benefits of enrolling their members in DAE to improve their vacation experiences.  DAE has the flexibility to respond to developers’ evolving needs and create unique products that provide quantifiable results. 

DAE's Request First business model entitles Vacation Club owners across Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean to enjoy the flexibility of finding the vacation they want before having to deposit their entitlement. "Over 50% of all exchanges booked by DAE are made by matching members to their vacation request,” said Mr. Hammond.

“The success of this model is one of the motivating reasons why more developers and resorts are choosing DAE as their preferred vacation exchange provider.”    

For more information or to inquire about DAE’s products and services in Latin America, phone 800.468.1799 or visit www.daelive.com

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