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PengDa Jingangwan Hotel

Penglai Jingangwan Hotel is a four-star hotel located on the beach of the city, It is in the west of Seawater Bath Beach , Penglai Pavilion and Tianheng Hill beauty areas.

Penglai Polar Region Ocean World is just across the road.It is on the border of Penglai Tourist Dock.Changdao Island sands on the other side of the sea.It is very convenient to go there by ship.There are many ships for the guests and goods .The express boats leave every 20 minutes,and the large ships leave every 45 minutes.Penglai Jingangwan Hotel is one of the best hotels in Penglai.

It is a natural beauty place with fully public facilities. The hotel has 460 different luxurious rooms and 1180 beds. It offers guest rooms that are equipped with modern facilities such as telephone and broadband Internet access. It has a Chinese and a westen restaurant.

The dining -room has a seating capacity of 800.You will find everything as comfortable and as convenient as you would expect in a four star hotel. It is a ideal place to entertain your relatives and friends.

Penglai Jingangwan hotel has conference facilities, meeting facilities, recreation facilities. It is large enough to hold 10-300 persons'meetings. The souvenir shop is on the first floor,where you can buy specialities from all parts of the country, special marine products,dried shrimps and fish,seaweeds and all sorts of souvenirs.

It is the best place to buy the presents for your relatives and friends.

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