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Nanjing Tangshan Easpring Hot Spring Resort

Nanjing Tangshan Easpring Hot Spring Resort is located in Nanjing, the ancient Chinese capital famous for its rivers and lakes and for Marco Polo having once worked as an official there. Tangshan is said to be one of the four best spas in China. It has natural hot springs, both indoors and outdoors, which have been patronized by emperors and many high officials over the centuries.

The Nanjing Tangshan Easpring Hot Spring Resort is a leisure hotel featuring 82 guestrooms including standard rooms, view rooms and leisure suites. Wheelchair-friendly rooms are also available. The hotel's massive collection of 50 outdoor hot spring pools, and its 30 private hot spring rooms, ensures that there is something for everyone. Nanjing is easily reached by plane or high-speed train. The resort is 60 and 35 kilometers away from Nanjing Lukou International Airport and Nanjing South Railway Station respectively.

With the architecture style of southern classical garden, the resort becomes the largest mixer of hot spring cultures, the Ming Dynasty culture and Republican era culture in Triangle Area along the Yangtze River. It is an open-air spa which involves holiday inns, spa treatment, recreation, historical and cultural view.

The Nanjing Tangshan Easpring Hot Spring Resort open-air spa area includes 50 hot spring pools, 30 spa cubicles and also square of water dance, main ornamental pool area, Turkish style spa area, Bali Island style spa area, Finnish style spa area, waterfall spa area, Chinese medicine spa areas and so on. Beside those, there are also indoors hot spring, guest rooms, restaurants, conference facilities, department stores, business affairs center, chess and cards, KTV, Ping-pong ball rooms, and a gym.

So whether you choose to relax or take advantage of the other range of facilities, this is one place where you will experience a great holiday.

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