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Welcome to daeRewards! Get Even More for being a DAE member.

Not only will you continue to get the best customer service in the industry - simply dealing with DAE now has even more to make you smile. You'll earn valuable daeRewards each time you transact with us. There are no forms to fill out to begin earning daeRewards. To activate your Rewards account simply visit daeXtra. After that each transaction you do with DAE earns you daeRewards. See the Rewards you'll be earning below!

Product FREE Member Gold Advantage Gold Advantage Select
Exchange & daeOptions Exchange Booking 100 150 300
Bonus Week Booking 100 150 300
Rental Week Booking 200 300 600
daeOptions Week Booking 200 300 600

Unit Size Upgrade
(Additional Bedrooms)

100 150 300
CPO (Cancellation Protection Option) 50 75 150
Primetime Week Deposit* 300 400 600
Early Deposit
(6 months or more before check-in)
to below
to below
to below
Exchange Deposit - 1 bedroom 50 75 150
Exchange Deposit - 2 bedroom 100 150 300
Exchange Deposit - 3+ bedroom 150 225 450
*daeRewards earned for Primetime Deposits are not combined with daeRewards
earned for Exchange Deposits or Early Deposits.

And that's not the only way to earn daeRewards! Here are some other ways to earn:

Earn Rewards When You Play
Attend sporting events for less

Even when you're not traveling, you can earn daeRewards for all the fun stuff you do while at home. Enjoy negotiated member discounts of 5-15% less than retail on:

  • Spa Treatments
  • Restaurants and Dining
  • Live Shows
  • Theme Parks
  • Comedy Clubs
  • Sporting Events
Earn Rewards When You Work

Use the daeXtra Shopping Mall to purchase online, or purchase e-certificates online and shop in-store, for all of your business essentials at Target, Walmart and other major retailers - and continue to earn daeRewards! Shopping online

  • Computers and Accessories
  • Mobile Phones and Tablets
  • Batteries and Chargers
  • Pens, Papers and General Stationery
  • Printers and Ink Cartridges
  • Office Furniture

Access to daeXtra Shopping Mall is a benefit of GOLD ADVANTAGE SELECT only.

Earn Rewards When You Shop

Earn daeRewards when you shop with some of the world's leading brands in two ways:

Buying shoes
  • Shop Online
  • Purchase Gift Cards and e-certificates Online and Redeem them when you Shop In-store

Either way, you'll be earning daeRewards from your everyday purchases. Almost everything you buy in your day-to-day life can earn you daeRewards - and you can use those Rewards to save real money on almost everything you buy!

Access to daeXtra Shopping Mall is a benefit of GOLD ADVANTAGE SELECT only.

Earn Rewards When You Escape

The unique daeXtra website brings together vacation inventory and activities from the world's leading vacation operators - so whatever you're after you'll be sure to find it - airfares, car hire, cruises, sailing, train journeys, hotels, motels, apartments, resorts, spas, backpackers, short-stays. With the exception of airfares, everything you buy will be at our special member rates.Snorkeling excursion

  • 5-15% less on 80,000 Hotels and Resorts Worldwide
  • Airfares (daeRewards not available on airfares)
  • 5-15% less on Cruises
  • 5-15% less on Rental Cars
  • 5-15% less on Activities and Excursions

Earning daeRewards on travel is a benefit of GOLD ADVANTAGE & GOLD ADVANTAGE SELECT only.

Price Match Guarantee on Accommodations - Exclusive to Gold Advantage Select

Members Can Redeem daeRewards in Many Exciting Ways!

Using Your Rewards is Easy

FREE Members and GOLD Advantage Members are able to use their daeRewards to pay for DAE products or services in full or part Rewards/part cash, including Exchange fees, Bonus or Rental Weeks, daeOptions, Cancellation Protection Option (CPO), and Credit Extensions.

Members with Gold Advantage Select benefits can also choose to pay for travel services (including airfares) and retail shopping available through daeXtra with daeRewards. Pay 100% or a combination of Rewards and Cash, this includes:

  • DAE products or services including Exchange fees, Bonus or Rental Weeks and more
  • Over 80,000 Non-Timeshare Hotels and Resorts - Short or Long Stay
  • Cruises
  • Car Rentals
  • Activities and Excursions
  • daeXtra Shopping Mall Online or In-store
  • Leisure and Lifestyle
  • And so much more!

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