Dial An Exchange Timeshare, Vacation Ownership & Points Clubs Exchange Service

DAE Rental Terms & Conditions
To better serve our guests, the Dial An Exchange Group (DAE) has developed a number of simple terms and
conditions that act as guidelines for the interaction between Dial An Exchange (DAE) and guests.
Accommodation Standards and Services. DAE has access to a variety of resorts in different countries with
varying levels of accommodation types, building standards and services. DAE cannot be held responsible for
any resort that may not meet the expected standard of accommodation, service, operation, facilities or
The total number of people occupying the Accommodation must not exceed the maximum occupancy of the
unit set forth in the confirmation or reservation documentation; otherwise, access may be refused or an
additional charge may be levied against the guest.
Miscellaneous Fees; Taxes. Guests are solely responsible for the payment of any and all bed tax, transient
occupancy tax or similar tax, applicable port charges, gratuities, personal expenses, utility charges, security
deposits and other fees or charges properly levied by a Resort or other party for the use of amenities and
Guests are solely responsible for all damage and loss to the Accommodations as a result of the guests
conduct (and the conduct of family, friends, invitees and guests), as well as all personal charges incurred
including, without limitation, telephone calls, Internet service, meals and beverages, and any other applicable
and permissible charges imposed by the Accommodation.
All Inclusive Fees. Some resort stays require or make available as an option, all-inclusive fees which are due
prior to or  upon check in, and pay for the guest's meals and beverages. These all-inclusive programs may include
more or less, but are purely at the discretion of the resort. The guest is solely responsible for all-inclusive fee
payments to the Resort.
Cancellation Policy. Rental week cancellations are subject to the terms and conditions of the destination
Non Payment. Access to accommodation of any guest whose transaction fee is rejected by the guest’s bank
or Credit Card Company or who has not fully paid all associated dues, taxes, and other charges relating to the
booking will be denied.
Natural Disasters. Cancellation of any confirmed booking due to Natural Disasters will be subject to the
published cancellation terms of the accommodation house. DAE is not responsible for cancellations that arise
from natural disasters.
Loss/Damage and Theft. DAE is not responsible for loss, damage to, or theft of personal property related to a
guest’s use of Accommodations and/or Holiday Property, nor is DAE liable for personal or bodily injury to a
guest and invitees in connection with such use.
Guest Names. All bookings must be confirmed with the proper guest details at the time the confirmation is
issued. Multiple bookings confirmed with the same guest name for similar check in dates will be considered
duplicates and invalid and may be cancelled by DAE without notice unless prior arrangement has been made
with DAE.
Privacy Policy. It is vital for DAE to liaise with the resort/management company to exchange necessary
booking relevant information. By purchasing from DAE, rental accommodation, the guest agrees to this
"exchange of information" between DAE and the resort/management company. A full copy of our privacy
policy is available upon request or at www.daelive.com.
DAE agrees to keep this information private and confidential at all times and agrees not to pass this
information onto any other third party. DAE does not sell or rent guest’s private information to any other third
party. DAE may provide guest information to other offices of Dial An Exchange for internal use only (in relation
to reservations made through these offices). These offices are currently located in the United Kingdom,
Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Thailand, India, China, USA, Italy, Portugal and South Africa. A full copy
of DAE's privacy policy is available upon request. Updated May 2016